Musings: OSU Coronavirus

Chapter 8

MU Quad

OSU Coronavirus 2020

In January of 2020 I was thinking of some resolutions. I had put on a bit of weight over the holidays and decided I would begin a regime of walking every day. I knew I could take Verdell (the dog) out but he has to stop and do his business and any exercise I thought I might get was not there.

I decided it would be fun to walk on the OSU University campus. Although I had to bundle up it was still fun to see it relatively empty. Little did I know…

In March the Coronavirus became a true issue in the United States. As news came out it became clear this would become a real pandemic – something I had never experienced before.

So, I began to walk as often as I could. I would park at the Benton County Fairgrounds and walk into campus. Those initial days in March were absolutely incredible as the rhododendrons were in full bloom. However, it became quite clear and quite quickly that there was absolutely nobody on campus. The realization was stunning. How often does one have access to a major campus with no one there? It was at this moment that I decided to document this time as a marker of something every extraordinary – both in the virus threat AND the blank canvas I had to work with.

As I write this it is close to becoming August. I have been astounded at how my files have grown of fantastic buildings, landscapes as well as some rather strange ones. I hope you enjoy this journey of photos. Be safe and be curious. Cheers – James (aka Scoop)