The Wonders of Cuba

Chapter 5

School of Art 10 Year Olds Cuba

The Wonders of Cuba – Oct 2016

On a whim my wife and I decided to go to Cuba. A Cuban Uber driver last Christmas got us all excited about going to his homeland. He was enthusiastic and encouraged us to go soon as things are changing fast.

Under current policies the only way American’s can go is through a guided tour group. We receive a ‘people to people license’ and a temporary travel VISA. I can honestly say that this particular trip ‘changed me’. We experienced a very different country and had the opportunity to interact and speak with all ages of Cuban people. My favorite visit was the School of Music and Art in Mantanza. These are elite dancers and musicians ranging from 10-16 years old. Many will go on to be professionals. To interact with them after a wonderful performance was touching and emotional. So young and SO not afraid.

My second favorite was the Rodriquez Fuster area in Havana. It was literally blocks of homes/shops/etc… that were completely built in mosaics. It was a surreal experience to walk around these areas – so intricate. Hopefully my photos will give you a flavor of the area.

Lastly, the old cars. From the moment we stepped on Cuban soil all we observed were old vehicles. It was like stepping back into the 50’s. I don’t recall ever seeing a ‘new’ car in Cuba. Many of the classics are ‘remodeled and tricked out’ and we were fortunate to ride in a few. No seat belts – just good ol’ fun times with our new Cuban friends.

This was a marvelous and safe tour with lots of direct people contact – it was so perfect. If you have a chance go to Cuba go now – it will be so different in 5 years.

Happy travels.