Oh Canada!

Chapter 6

Banff Valley

Oh Canada! – Sept 2018

My wife Karen and I did a road trip to Canada from Sept 1-16, 2018. This turned out to be a time of season change so we captured many of the fall colors coming through.

We entered Canada through the Idaho boot and from the moment we arrived the magic began to happen. The roads were great and the scenery fantastic. It’s hard to describe in words as the majesty of it all was so apparent.

Our first stop was the city of Calgary. Billed as the cleanest city in Canada it had many pleasant surprises. We were struck by the plethora of city art (everywhere) and how nice all the people were. I would also confirm the cleanliness of the place. A very walkable city free of homelessness and most definitely clean.

We proceeded onto Banff where we stayed several nights as it was an excellent place to drive from to a variety of fantastic sites. Top of the list were Marble Canyon, Lake Louise and Lake Moraine, Sunshine hikes to Rock Isle Lake, and the multitude of marshes and crystal blue waterways. The City of Banff was also very welcoming and fun.

If one has the ability, and the will, I believe this to be a wonderful and eye-opening place to visit. It’s perfect for a road trip as there is beauty literally everywhere one looks. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Cheers -