Less Traveled

Chapter 2

Pohono Bridge image

In October of 2005...

I attended a workshop for photographers at Yosemite National Park. The Pohono Bridge (above) spans the Merced River near the park entrance. The instructors dropped all twelve students off at this Bridge one beautiful morning. The lighting was incredible and we were all excited to get started.

The atmosphere turned hectic as everyone set up to capture their shot of the Bridge. I felt crowded and decided to head out on my own. I found wonderful reflection images in a quiet and peaceful place upstream. It wasn't long before the group found their way my direction, and once again I went my own way.

Back at the Bridge I captured the above image at the right moment, one of quiet solitude. The experience taught me a great deal. The ability to think for yourself and by yourself opens new creative territory. It's easy to go with the crowd...we have been trained to do it since our first trip to Disneyland. But when you break loose, and have your own thoughts, the world's magic opens up before your eyes.

Had I stayed with the crowd I would have never gotten this amazing photo that truly illustrates the magic of Yosemite. The water was quiet, the setting serene and I had it all to myself. To me it was magic.