James Schupp

The Artist

Image of James Schupp

He is James, sometimes Jim, but most often Scoop. James Schupp is a man of talent and spirtiual awareness. Friends describe Scoop as "having a brightness about him." They are drawn to his open and caring attitude toward life. An afternoon with Scoop leaves the visitor feeling better and brighter about the world around them.

Nature seems to respond in the same way. Scoop captures the best in his artistic subjects. He sees color, texture and detail in ways that make the viewer respond with a delightful "aha" moment. It is his ability to find the soul of an image that makes his work standout. Scoop's imagery is often so vivid, his photgraphy has been mistaken for a painting.

Sometimes I look through the lens and it takes my breath away. That's when I know I have a great shot.

From flowers and natural settings to architecture and whimsy, Scoop looks for the unique characteristics in all things. He sees color, shape and design as a spiritual source which forms to create memories, Experiencing Scoop's photography brings about an appreciation for the "brightness" of both artist and art.

James Schupp has been a part of the Corvallis community for over forty years. He graduated from Oregon State University with both bachelors and masters degrees. In his spare time he enjoys gardening, painting, and a successful career as senior financial advisor with a local investment firm.